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        Mianyang rich LinLan technology limited liability company
        Telephone:   0816-2532557
        Mobile:          18990197755 
        Fax:                0816-2532557
        E-mail:           lijsc@126.com
        Address:        mianyang technology development zone PuMing north eastern hi-tech 45

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        ◆ Company Profile

                  Mianyang Follna Technology LMT.Co key technologies of advanced product development. Today, it is standing in the front of the I / O connectors and 3C pheriphal electronic components including computer and peripheral products / communications / consumer applications, a leading manufacturer of connectors, the secret technology for the rich Jaffa Lam, and remained stable across, is play a leading role in the market, technology and planning of new products with constant stirring. This non-stop mechanism, which in turn increase the competitiveness of technology-rich humanity show. 

                   As manufacturers began stamping and forming, developed and rich humanity show excellent plating and assembly technology, the large array of connectors. Fu Lin Lan connectivity to provide multiple options for motherboards, desktop and notebook PCs, PC peripherals, telecommunications-related and handheld devices. These products include ribbon type, rectangular and half-pitch connector series for D - sub, PCMCIA cards, DVI, an IEEE 1394, USB interfaces, MniUSB,  but there are a few names. 

                       Goals set by management to establish the brand Jaffa Lam rich I / O applications, a household name. In addition to being an OEM / ODM manufacturer, Fu Lin Lan has been actively involved in international standards organizations and help build important design concepts in the application of the future connector standard. Its latest effort has been completed to establish a base from zero to the miniUSB specifications, and significant levels of 0.8 to 1.0 now complete specification of USB mobile industry association. 

                        Fu Lin Lan Management now has a larger dream answer to the development of optical components and associated countries most advanced broad ion beam deposition technology, market / customer needs. In the pipeline of new products including fiber optic connectors, such as rings and jumper, DWDM thin film filters, transceivers, couplers, isolators, and other related components. 

                       For the rich Jaffa Lam's customers, providing professional services, including the use of electronic data interchange links, the establishment of an effective logistics system to reduce response time. More importantly, the rich Jaffa Lam's full testing capabilities is another beat - more than 90 percent of the test is completely in-house exercise. 

                     Fu Lin Lan management team has been working to promote his company into the electrical / electronic and optical connectors and components, advanced technology, market-focused, customer oriented, innovative company - Fu Lin Lancheng long and successful !

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